Client Success Story

Client Success Story: Hospital Compliance Assessment


A 150-bed hospital in the Southeast sought an independent assessment of its compliance program and a management action plan to remedy identified high-risk areas.

Octave Leadership Advisory Services’ Solutions

The hospital chose Octave for its compliance program assessment. At a high-level, the holistic assessment included the following components over a three-month period:

  • Assessment of meeting minutes from the Board of Directors and Compliance Committee, policies and procedures,
  • A series of onsite and virtual meetings with senior leadership and stakeholders,
  • A final report with recommendations and a detailed management action plan.


The previous assessment of this hospital’s compliance program was not well-received due to regulatory approach and tone of the review. In contrast, the Octave compliance team brought a collaborative and educational approach to the assessment, leading to more buy-in of the findings and a stronger commitment to remedying the identified gaps.

Client Quote

“The entire team appreciated Octave’s approach to compliance. Making an audit as much educational as investigative takes unique skill and experience.”

Midsize Southeastern Hospital

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