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Client Succes Story: Gritman Medical Center


In 2021, three out of ten adults over 50 (28 percent) delayed care due to the coronavirus pandemic, leading many to miss preventive cancer screenings. In the third quarter of 2021, Gritman Medical Center, a 25-bed, critical access hospital in Moscow, Idaho, determined more than 40 percent of their patients had an open care opportunity such as a missed colorectal or breast cancer screening.

Octave Leadership Advisory Services

In collaboration with Octave, Gritman employed a data-driven strategy to identify and engage women whose mammogram was overdue. Breast cancer screenings were chosen for three reasons:

  • Mammograms do not require a provider order, minimizing impact to PCPs,
  • The radiology team volunteered to do the outreach, reducing resource constraints, and
  • The campaign began in October and capitalized on the interest in Breast Cancer Awareness month.


335 women met the initial criteria for needing a mammogram. Using EMR data, we validated that a total of 208 women still needed a mammogram. Nearly half (101 women) answered our call. Of those, 43 agreed to allow us to schedule a mammogram, and 38 followed through and received the preventive screening, an adherence rate of 88 percent and an overall closure rate of 52 percent.

Client Quote

“Data-driven outreach and engagement is a triple win. It helps grow revenue, increase patient and provider satisfaction, and improve the overall health of the populations we serve.”

Gretta Fiske Jarolimek
Chief Clinics Officer
Gritman Medical Center

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